Arklab was founded in 2004 and is run by Mats Karlsson, Tomas Lauri, Alexander Marek and Jan Perrin. Since the beginning, the practice has focused on creating innovative, precise and playful architecture. We view every single project as unique and approach it on the basis of its particular conditions. The key is to identify the effective elements in each project to bring form and material together in a way that interacts and challenges.

We work closely with our clients to achieve ecologically sustainable solutions and generate economic benefits. Our goal is to create projects that enhance and transform their surroundings.

From the outset, we have seen an added value in being able to manage to projects from A to Z. And we have the competence to do so. Addressing complex situations, seeing a project through, from the political groundwork over funding and design-intensive stages to construction details.

Architecture that interprets its surroundings in form and material with sensitivity and insight is architecture with staying power.


Each project begins with dialogue. What factors are unique in this project, and how can we turn them into spatial qualities? The key is to identify the effective components. Next, we turn to form and materials. What will produce the best outcome? Much of this process is aimed at striking a balance that surpasses the given parameters. Achieving a powerful expression. A key focus is landscape and site – the poetry of it – but also social and cultural aspects – creating humanist projects, regardless of the scale.

We enjoy striving for a clear goal and vision. We shape this goal in close cooperation with our clients. It is crucial to keep a clear focus on added value at all times. An added value that applies both to the experiential qualities and to economic facts. A project should always give more than it takes.