We invite you to be part of lecture on spatial and mental changes on the contemporary countryside(s) in Sweden and Germany. It is curated by Arklab and its research department Lablab in cooperation with Umeå School of Architecture, Royal Art Institute in Stockholm and with big support of the Goethe Institute.

Transformations in the 21st-century city are leading into the deepest rural areas, bringing along with it increasingly new forms of activities, infrastructures, and social transformations. To be able to anticipate these fast-moving trends, the European countryside(s) urgently needs to apply cross-disciplinary readings and invest in transnational co-operation. This is a seminar that begins with the ambition to understand and to connect historical and contemporary transformations affecting the Swedish and German countryside(s).

Prof. Martina Doehler-Behzadi. Director at IBA Thüringen, Germany.

Marie Kraft, Lecturer at Umeå School of Architecture.
Peter Lang, Professor at the Royal Art Institute in Stockholm.
Madeleine Eriksson, Associate Professor at the Department of Geography, Umeå University.

Moderator: Daniel Urey, LABLAB

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